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ELITE Connect is an innovative new network, developed by London Stock Exchange Group, which brings together listed companies, institutional investors and intermediaries to enable easier interactions. Become part of a state-of-the-art hub that efficiently allows you to screen and connect with new pools of liquidity, even in remote regions. With features including specialised digital meeting rooms, a fully embedded agenda and a detailed relationship management function, ELITE Connect streamlines your activity and saves you valuable time. In a world where new technologies are fundamentally impacting the way people interact and communicate, London Stock Exchange Group is offering a new solution that allows you to be the first movers in a rapidly changing environment. 

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Invest Securities is an investment services company dedicated to Small and Midcaps, which is an integral part of the All Invest group, which, with more than 110 employees, has established itself for over 10 years thanks to its multi-expert global offering :

  • Invest corporate Finance (M&A, Equity Capital Market, Debt Capital Market)
  • Invest Securities (Financial Analysis, Brokerage, Issuer services, market operations, pre-IPO, centralization and back-office)
  • Sully Patrimoine Gestion (Discretionary portfolio management, management delegation, dedicated funds, Asset Management)
  • Amplegest (Private Management, Family Office, Asset Management)

Since its inception, the All Invest group has carried out more than 350 advised transactions (IPO, divestitures, fundraising, etc.) and has established itself as the number one underwriter on the Euronext Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam markets , follows more than 100 listed companies, manages more than 65 companies under liquidity and / or analysis contracts and more than € 1.2 billion under management.

Invest Securities est une société de services d’investissements dédiée aux Small et Midcaps, faisant partie intégrante du groupe All Invest qui, fort de ses 110 collaborateurs, s’impose depuis plus de 10 ans grâce à son offre globale multi-experte :

  • Invest Corporate Finance ( Fusions et acquisitions, Equity Capital Market, Debt Capital Market)
  • Invest Securities ( Bureau d’analyse financière, Brokerage, Services aux émetteurs, Marketing, Liquidity Provider, Opérations de marché, Pre-IPO, Centralisation et back office de fonds)
  • Sully Patrimoine Gestion (gestion sous mandat, délégation de gestion, fonds interne dédié, gestion patrimoniale)
  • Amplegest ( Gestion privée, Family Office, Asset management)

Depuis la création , le groupe All Invest, a réalisé plus de 350 opérations conseillées ( IPO, Cessions, levées de fonds…), s’est imposé en tant que 1er introducteur en nombre d’opérations sur le marché Euronext Paris, Bruxelles et Amsterdam, suit plus de 100 sociétés cotées , gère plus de 65 sociétés sous contrat de liquidité et/ou d’analyse et plus de 1,2 Mds € sous gestion.

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Marc Antoine Guillen

Président All Invest


Jean-Emmanuel VERNAY

Directeur Général All Invest